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About the Chamber

In 1928, a small group called the Optimist Club renamed themselves the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has continued to exists in Woodford County for more than 80 years representing local business and community collaborating to make a difference.

As a voluntary, non-profit organization of business and professional people dedicated to improving the economic climate of Woodford County, the entire community enjoys an improved quality of life.

Over the years, businesses and professionals have utilize their Chamber to promote who they are, network creating dynamic relationships resulting in business exchanges that strengthen our local economy.

A recent national study revealed that membership in a local Chamber can significantly boost a business’s image among consumers as well as among other local businesses. The study also revealed more than 80 percent felt that a Chamber “creates jobs and promotes economic development.”

Investing in the Chamber is a great way to gain new business prospects, be active in your community and learn about new ways to advertise your business. You are more likely to attract new business and resources through your Chamber investment. It’s a great way to make connections, meet new people and become informed about the issues going on in Woodford County.

Why Does Your Investment Matter?
  • 57 percent of potential customers search local resources for businesses. Being a Chamber member gives your business 24/7 marketing through the on-line business directory.
  • The Chamber is your #1 business advocate—we can collectively share one voice represent business interests locally, regionally, state-wide and nationally. The Chamber continuously monitors legislative activities to assure you have information about policies and actions that affect your business.
  • 44 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from businesses that are Chamber members and 63 percent are more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.
  • As a Chamber member, you are involved in your local community. You have the opportunity to share and work collectively as a group to accomplish greater good for the community and its businesses.
Mission Statement

“To promote commerce while making Woodford County a better place to live”

An Invitation to Invest In the Future…

The Chamber is the most effective business organization in Woodford County committed to helping improve the economic climate and quality of life. Ultimately, every business and professional person benefits from the Chamber’s efforts that lead to a healthy, expanding economy. Protect your interests by working with others through the Chamber to accomplish whatever is necessary for local businesses to thrive.

By joining the Chamber, you have the opportunity to become actively involved in economic and community development projects. Not everyone will have the time to participate in all activities, however, your investment ensures that the Chamber is open for business and is working to improve OUR community.

The Chamber…
  • Is an independent, not-for-profit corporation
  • Is a volunteer organization composed of individuals, businesses, industries, and professionals who have joined together to accomplish collectively what they cannot do individually
  • Serves as a watchdog and spokesperson for businesses in local and state affairs
  • Acts as a business agent and sales manager in promoting Woodford County, your firm, your products, and services
  • Works as the information bureau to promote tourism and provide statistical data to meet business needs
  • Publicizes and promotes Woodford County to people considering relocating, establishing a business, or expanding the tourism industry in this area.
  • Strives for a healthy and sound economy by promoting and encouraging new businesses and expansion of existing businesses
  • Enriches the quality of life in Woodford County through the support of community activities, cultural events, and enrichment programs
Who Runs The Chamber?

The members run the Chamber. Every year, members elect one-fourth of the Directors to serve on the board for a four-year term. Officers are elected by the Board of Directors annually at the last meeting of the year to include: Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. Board members are eligible to serve in an officer capacity after completing one (1) year service as a member of the Board of Directors. All officers shall serve for terms of one (1) year or until their successors assume the duties of office, and they shall be voting members of the Board. The Board sets the policies that govern the operations and activities of the Chamber. Volunteer committees are established to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives. Activities of the Chamber are supported by a full-time, professional staff, which manages all Chamber operations.

How Is The Chamber Financed? Membership investments are the primary financial source, which is necessary to operate and maintain the Chamber office and carry on the activities of its committees. These investments, paid annually, are apportioned among its members, consisting primarily of individuals, professionals, businesses, and industry.

Reasons to Join the Chamber
  • If you are a business located in Woodford County, you depend on this community for transportation, utilities, work force, materials, etc. The Chamber works to provide a healthy climate in which to do business.
  • The support of all businesses and professional men and women is needed to improve the quality of life and economic well being of Woodford County. In turn, this means more customers, clients, and patients.
  • Joining the Chamber means getting involved and staying involved. It means speaking your mind on important issues that affect your business. Membership means meeting with other business people and working collectively to accomplish the objectives necessary for a business to prosper in Woodford County.
  • Joining the Chamber means being a leader in the business community. The Chamber is also committed to maximizing your impact by speaking and acting through strength in numbers, and through listening to your needs and ideas.
  • The opportunities available to you as a Chamber member are challenging and profitable. You as well as the community benefits when you join the Chamber.
  • When the county prospers, you prosper. By helping to build a thriving community, your investment is strengthened and your opportunities are broadened. You have a personal interest in these objectives.
  • Membership investments in the Chamber of Commerce may be tax deductible as a necessary business expense.
Put the Chamber to Work for You Through;
  • Business Promotion – Programs and events such as ribbon cuttings, open houses, and community events are provided by the Chamber to support and promote all businesses including retail, manufacturers, and the thoroughbred industry.
  • Marketing opportunities such as - On-line advertising, for members’ only mailings, Monthly newsletter.
  • Business Contacts – Throughout the year, the Chamber sponsors numerous activities and events where members have the opportunity to network with other businesses and business owners that will in turn help increase profitability. You and your employees can meet others in the community at business related social activities such as Business After Hours and a wide range of other programs and events including Monthly Board Meetings, The Membership Drive Celebration, Golf Scramble, Annual Auction and the Annual Awards Banquet.
  • Business Information – The Woodford County Chamber of Commerce provides specific demographic, statistical and research data on Woodford County. This information is available to members at any time.
  • Meeting Room Rentals - Woodford County Chamber members may rent the conference room at the Chamber at a reduced rate.
  • Professional Publications – Members are informed of the latest Chamber events and activities by publication of the bi-monthly newsletter. New Chamber members are listed in the newsletter, and each issue includes information on programs and activities throughout Woodford County, as well as the business community. The Chamber’s Businesses & Services Directory lists all current members of the Chamber and is an important selling tool in promoting Woodford County. These directories are distributed to each member and anyone interested in relocating to Woodford County. Other Chamber publications include the city/county map, the Woodford County Brochure, and the Annual Report (supplement to the Woodford Sun).
  • Credibility – As a member, you are encouraged to display your membership decal with pride at your place of business. This will signify that you are a part of Woodford County’s most credible business organization.
  • Business Referrals – Each year, we receive thousands of inquiries, which are processed through the Chamber office. Many of these inquiries are requests for information on Woodford County businesses, professionals, their products and their services.
Preference to Chamber members where referrals and recommendations are concerned.
  • Training Opportunities – The Chamber sponsors quality workshops and seminars for employees and businesses with a desire to continually educate their staff and improve upon their existing services.
  • Tourism Promotion – Woodford County attractions are promoted by the Chamber with brochures, coordinated advertising and by providing information on community events to the thousands of inquiries that the Chamber office receives.
  • Affinity Programs – The Woodford County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with several member businesses to bring member-only discounts to the Chamber members. Get the deepest discounts possible and save money at participating companies.
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